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The Best Mobile Home Movers of 2022

Moving a mobile home is no small task. Let the best mobile home movers handle the hard tasks of permits, preparation, and transportation.

By Brie Greenhalgh | Updated Feb 10, 2022 11:09 AM 

Why It Made the Cut: BB’s Mobile Home Transport specializes in moving mobile homes of all types—and foundations—in addition to raising mobile homes as a flood countermeasure.

With over 40 years of mobile home moving experience, BB’s Mobile Home Transport is capable of handling just about any unique situation that comes their way. Though they primarily service homes within the state of Louisiana, they’re familiar with the challenging terrain and elements that Louisiana has, which means they can ensure a mobile home is relocated safely. There are only limited options for moving in the Gulf Coast area, so potential customers are encouraged to call or email for details.

BB’s can handle mobile homes on blocks or anchors and build a raised foundation to protect the home against flooding that may occur. In addition, they now offer FHA foundation retrofitting to provide mobile homes with more security against severe weather events. It’s an extra service that helps homeowners feel safe and secure in their newly relocated mobile home.


  • Service area: Louisiana
  • Transparent pricing: No
  • Quotes: Phone and online
  • Services offered: Setup, leveling, raising for floods
  • Customer support: Phone and email


  • Accessible by phone and email
  • Specializes in moving mobile homes


  • Limited availability when moving outside of Louisiana and the Gulf Coast
  • Relatively short customer support window
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